Panasonic TX-48JZ1000B 4K OLED TV. It is made with the film-buff in mind. With accurate colour, deep blacks and precise detail thanks to the OLED panel and new HCX Pro AI Processor. Panasonic smart platform with streaming service such as Netflix, prime video & Rakuten.

OLED Panel

Panasonic TX-48JZ1000B 4K OLED TV has individually illuminated cells, to create natural colour and high contrast – where black, really is black. Our newest HCX Pro AI Processor instantly analyses the picture; finesses colour accuracy, contrast and clarity for step-up picture performance.

Dolby Atmos

Our audio system takes you from sofa to the heart of the movie. The integrated speakers on the Panasonic TX48JZ1000B have a built-in subwoofer to drive the bass, work with Dolby Atmos® technology to deliver immersive sound - elevating entertainment to new levels.

Auto AI

The Panasonic TX48JZ1000B TV analyse the incoming signal and instantly adjust the picture characteristics. Auto AI knows the settings for sport, filmic scenes and more - so makes them for you. Just sit back and enjoy the performance.

Multi HDR Format

By supporting all HDR (High Dynamic Range) formats on the Panasonic TX48JZ1000 TV you are assured the best possible performance - regardless of picture source. Brightness and colour are optimised scene-by-scene; whether the source is Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10 or the new HDR10+ Adaptive format.

Dolby Vision IQ

It literally adds a new dimension to viewing HDR thanks to the advanced ambient light sensor that the Panasonic TX48JZ1000B has. Whether your living room is completely dark or brightly lit, the HDR picture is dynamically perfected for the best colour and contrast.

AMD Freesync Premium

The Panasonic TX48JZ1000B  OLED TV is AMD Freesync Premium certified. They’re designed to get the best gaming experience from the newest and most exciting games devices. Enjoy a smooth 4K picture on the large colourful screen and escape into the game world.

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Panasonic TX-48JZ1000B 4K OLED TV

  • Brand: Panasonic
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